5 Practical Ways to Manage Stress

With Fast Paced Life and Sedentary Lifestyle, Stress has become an integral part of almost everyone's Life .How often we hear these lines "Bahut Stress hai Bhai "? Well !I have heard these lines a lot either at my workplace or at home . Surprisingly it's most commonly used word nowadays and yet much ignored … Continue reading 5 Practical Ways to Manage Stress

How to make Your kids fall in love with Eating Healthy food

Making kids Eat right is one of the most common concerns of Moms around the world especially if your kid is really picky about the food offered .I do have an extremely picky eater at home who just hates the sight of Cumin seeds, tomato and almost all the vegetables cooked at home .I remember … Continue reading How to make Your kids fall in love with Eating Healthy food

A comprehensive Guide on Meal Planning for Kids

The Benefits of cultivating Good Eating Practices in Kids right from childhood are numerous as Good Eating Practices are one of those factors apart from Genes and Environment which helps in the Growth and development of Kids . Multiple Researches have suggested the linkage of Good Eating Practices with the academic success as well backing … Continue reading A comprehensive Guide on Meal Planning for Kids

Exploring Dubai -The Luxurious way

I love travelling.I believe travelling is the best way to gain experiences by exploring the culture and diversity of a new place ,meeting new people and discovering new things.Travelling to new places both National and International has been my favorite idea of spending vacations. Once in a Year go some place you have never been … Continue reading Exploring Dubai -The Luxurious way

Why One Should Plan Vacations more often

Vacations and Time offs are truly the necessities in Fast paced Lives.Moreover it's extremely beneficial to detach for quite a some time from your regular routine by taking mini breaks in the form of vacations and give your Body and Mind some time to De-Stress ,spend some quality time with your loved ones and gain … Continue reading Why One Should Plan Vacations more often

How to Select a Perfect Venue for your Kids Birthday Party

Planning and organizing a kid's birthday party is a task in itself and with so many things running in the mind - starting from the party budget, decorations, cakes, and return gifts , we often tend to set aside the importance of choosing the right kind of venue. It’s extremely important especially when you want … Continue reading How to Select a Perfect Venue for your Kids Birthday Party

My Idea of Being Fit -The Fitness Mantra & Routine

The significance and Definition of Fitness differs for each one of us based on age,needs and what we actually want to achieve out of  it.Fitness may sound like 60 minutes of Dedicated Gym Time for some or might be an amalgam of Minor Physical activities like Walking followed by Healthy Eating for Rest .While the … Continue reading My Idea of Being Fit -The Fitness Mantra & Routine

Falling in Love with the Process- A Habit in making

It happens most of the times with each one of  us that in-spite of being aware about the benefits of certain things ,we kind of fail or struggle to make those beneficial things part  of our Life  because of the very first reason that it's easy to incline towards something you love VS something you … Continue reading Falling in Love with the Process- A Habit in making

Our Visit to India’s First Experiential Playzone- Tingaland

The Best gift we parents can give to our children is their time but unfortunately we are busy chasing something or the other in this materialistic world , leaving behind the most precious thing - Time ,which matters above everything else to our kids .Like other working parents my weekdays are quite occupied hence I … Continue reading Our Visit to India’s First Experiential Playzone- Tingaland

Healing through Flavours and Colours

  While the Power of Manifestations are truly important and often the first step towards success when you are looking forward towards a major Lifestyle change i.e. adopting Healthy eating habits like Switching to Green Tea but it's equally important to understand and adopt the right techniques ,process while adopting new  habits (switching to Green Tea)  … Continue reading Healing through Flavours and Colours

Manifesting & Sipping the Green Tea

You can never get a cup of tea large enough for someone who hails from hills.Tea resides in the genes of a Pahadi (hilly person ) hence my love for Tea is never ending.No Green, Yellow , Black and blah blah teas but the original kadak Ginger Chai because we Pahadi's just can't drink tea … Continue reading Manifesting & Sipping the Green Tea

How to inculcate Early Literacy in your Baby

Researches suggest that children who are exposed to early literacy tends to read earlier and excel in school as early literacy profoundly influences the language development ,cognitive development -the foundations for other learnings thus leading to academic success. What are the different Ways to promote Early Literacy in Babies 📖?? We have introduced books to … Continue reading How to inculcate Early Literacy in your Baby

DIY-Baby Birthday Chalkboard

It all started when I was looking to buy a Birthday /Milestone chalkboard for my girl from quite a long time .After browsing plenty of sites I cancelled my plan to buy chalkboard online since most of them looked over priced to me .As the year end vacations already approached last week I decided to … Continue reading DIY-Baby Birthday Chalkboard

How to come up with effective Resolution List

My Focus this year is not just limited to prepare a Resolution list which I wish to achieve in 2019 since it's easy to come up with such lists but the biggest challenge is to make things happen amidst hectic schedule therefore I am looking forward to prepare a SMART Resolution list instead 👇👇👇👇👇 Why … Continue reading How to come up with effective Resolution List

Being Fit-Its not just about Loosing weight

The moment you talk about Fitness ,your mind automatically dwells around GYM (at least with me )and you loose all the motivation to keep yourself fit (Seriously I cannot imagine 60 minutes of dedicated time straight to the gym with toddler around and little help) .For some reason we all are bound to think or … Continue reading Being Fit-Its not just about Loosing weight

A Glance of Healthy Foods for Toddlers during winters

It's that time of the year again when you could feel the bliss of the warm quilts ,Cool accessories (Boots,scarfs ) ,Pink Cheeks 😂 ,Ginger Tea ,Aroma of Grilled Foods aaaaaaaand Sneezy toddler 😂😂 Well Well ! It's extremely important to offer the Seasonal food items ,Vegetables and Fruits to growing Babies and Toddlers to … Continue reading A Glance of Healthy Foods for Toddlers during winters

Lets go Yoga

Most of us focus on achieving Physical Fitness because that keeps our weight on Track and works very less towards maintaining ourselves Emotionally and Mentally Fit but how many of us are aware that Stress and other Mental illness has directly been linked to Weight gain since people tend to eat more of Junk when … Continue reading Lets go Yoga

Babies and Food Fussiness

There is so much of Fuss about Fussy eaters but strange fact is Fussy eating is normal part of child's development since growing Babies tend to explore their environment and assert their independence when it comes to Food .Sometimes they don't like the Color /texture of food offered to them or sometimes they are too … Continue reading Babies and Food Fussiness

How to maintain Intimate hygiene

Intimate hygiene -The most important yet ignored aspect by more than 50% of women which makes me wonder sometimes if we women's can take pretty good care of the face , Hands and legs why it so difficult for us to take good care of intimate area ??Experts suggests that number of factors including improper … Continue reading How to maintain Intimate hygiene

Tips for Good Night Sleep

Tips for Relaxing Bedtime Routine 😴 for both Mommies and Little cubs 🛀A Relaxing lukewarm water Bath 💆Nice massage -Massage your baby's Legs nicely if not complete body to get rid of all tiredness 👕👖 Relaxing and Breathable outfit -For us comfy pajamas and tees are just perfect for a good night sleep 🐜🕷🐝 Kick … Continue reading Tips for Good Night Sleep